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Since I promised I’d upload pictures of my crix bin, etc I’m doing it through this personal account (because I’ve used my photo-uploads up on reptiglo lol). 

Anyways, the first picture is the type of bin I use. I used to use a bin that wasn’t see through but then I moved home and had no space for it so I simply use this tote container and drilled like 100 holes in the sides and in the top (just make sure you don’t drill the holes too big or crack the bin, it’s not hard to break these things). 

The second picture is the set-up inside of the bin (yes, I know I have to clean it..today’s my first day off work so I’ll probably get to it later, haha). I use eggcartons, toilet paper roles, cardboard boxes, etc. This helps ease the stress on the crix and my stress level when I’m trying to capture them. You simply pick up one of the cardboard houses and shake them into the cup (you’ll find this beats trying to catch them by hand or with the cup, making your feeding routine extremely easy). 

The third picture, is what I feed my crickets. I don’t use the food that pet stores offer, nor the water because I find with the amount of crickets I keep, I’m spending too much money and the food tends not to be extremely nutritious. So, I make my own food to gut load my crickets using a variety of vegetables and gelatin so they also receive water when they suck on the provided cubes. This is easier for me to store and healthier for them to eat.

With this set-up and food I find that I keep my crickets for their maximum life span, putting an ease on my wallet and my reptile’s stomachs. 

Lastly, I use a smaller version of the sterilite organizer seen as a picture for any worms I have, drill a couple holes and they wont be able to climb the sides nor escape.

For escaping crickets (it will happen, it always does), they never escape from my bin, just one of my tanks where the cord holes are a bit too big. However, I’ve fixed this with some tape and I find that there are no more escapees. Also, it helps that I have two badass cats that catch and hunt them whenever they escape :)

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